This book arrived magically, in the post, with no note…it was AWESOME! Book present, YAY! A little digging revealed it was a gift from my ministry to the leadership. I tucked into my new book with no expectations, not knowing the author or the title and discovered a gem. I started walking about reading pieces of it out to team members at work and some of it, I believe, we’ll incorporate into our ethos. 

The command to love God and others isn’t often translated into liveable practical habits but this book outlines that in 4 dimensions. Key quotes for me were:

When I consider my life as a leader, it means leading with all of who I am for the benefit of God and others

Extraordinary leadership is found in a leader who has searched to discover his or her authentic self and from that place influences others to accomplish great dreams through intentional relationships (heart), spiritual awareness (soul), wise counsel (mind), and relentless vision (strength)

The influence we earn as leaders is not for the purpose of wielding power. It’s for the purpose of loving others enough to help them develop and use their gifts.

That last one struck a real cord for me, that’s my dream for everyone. Every one of us has a leadership role at home, work, church and with friends, what a fantastic legacy to leave: loving others and helping others develop!

Leaders must be encouragers. Remember that we as leaders must be dealers in hope.

When compassion drives us, it makes way for humility to lead us.

Jenni’s insight into spiritual leadership was wonderful and I’ll be drawing on that chapter going forward!

Our actions should unite us with God when we are involved in our daily activity, just as prayer unites us with Him in our quiet time.

Her practical application in the management section is eloquent and I look forward to living it out. All in all a great book!

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