My blog began in 2013; I had been diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CPRS) two years prior and my journey to find joy in the pain needed a space for me to share how I was doing that with others both in pain or in search of joy. The namesake of my blog is my American Quarter Horse who brings me more joy and happiness than I thought was possible. He is my life lesson and gives me my hope.

Each blog post discusses an element in my journey to joy. Before my pain level was reduced to a point where I could return to work reading was my escape and today it continues to be a refuge and a comfort. I rate each book on the level of enjoyment I receive from it, be it a sophisticated literary novel, a light romance, a good mystery, a life-changing bible study or a perspective-shifting psychology book.

Being raised in a Christian home meant I always believed I was close to God but in developing an illness that changed my world and my outlook, I realised God is “my rock, my refuge… my fortress”. This has lead me to thoroughly enjoy a wide range of Christian non-fiction and fiction including mysteries, thrillers and romances. Favourite authors in this genre include Lysa TerKeurst, Karen Ehman, Wendy Blight, Max Lucado, Liz Curtis Higgs, Susan May Warren.

I also enjoy fantasy novels, I love novels where a new world has been beautifully crafted such as those created by Christopher Paolini, J.K. Rowling, Michelle Sagara, Gail Carriger and Laini Taylor. Adventure and mystery novels are also a delight. Those with historical context are so interesting such as those by Elizabeth Peters and Carola Dunn.

I can never go with the classics: Austen, Bronte, the list goes on. Emma in “Emma” by Jane Austen is my favourite character though as I can both thoroughly relate to and be entertained by her, a rare combination. She is so beautifully fleshed out, I feel I know her as a friend!

NetGalley‘s suggestions and subsequent request approvals have vastly expanded my reading horizons. I have, on several occasions, purchased the previous novels in a series and started following authors of whom I had never heard. It’s a community of book lovers of which I’m excited and proud to be a part.

To me, sitting down with a good book, a glass of icy water and looking out onto a sunny day with a cool breeze blowing, it doesn’t get much better than that!