I am looking for joy despite the pain and limitations of CRPS. I love being a brand strategist in my own business, Purple Mookiting, alongside my mum. I find sanity through God and with my horse, MoongloTexas, my beautiful GSD Teddy and my friends. I volunteer with Proverbs 31 Ministries Online Bible Studies where I am a Small Group Leader and Quality Service Team Leader.

My baby Texas (and namesake of this blog), an American Quarter Horse, born in 2005 brings me more joy and happiness than I thought was possible. He was an unintended purchase, one of those moments I look back on and am grateful I followed my heart. I went looking for a 6 year old fully trained horse and bought a 6 month old foal instead. Texas is my life lesson, he lives in the moment. Tomorrow’s worries belong to tomorrow and yesterday is in the past. He gives his love freely and unconditionally and is happy just to be around me. I aim to be that serene, playful and joyful.  He gives me my reason to fight, to live, to get out of bed. He gives me my hope. The other three precious souls who make my world all the better for them are Aurelius, Texas’ half brother and the darlingest and cutest little horse, Teddy, my German Shepherd clown and Bessie, Ted’s sister and the pup with the wiggliest bum!

It would be hugely remiss of me not to credit my sanity and happiness to my mum. Through everything, every drama or excitement, big decision and low moment, she’s believing in me and praying with me.

Being raised in a Christian home meant I always believed I was close to God but in developing an illness that changed my world and my outlook, I realised God is “my rock, my refuge… My fortress”.  It is to Him I run in the darkest moments and Him I thank in my happiest ones. Proverbs 31 Ministries has drawn me so much closer to God through their blogs, online bible studies and the First 5 app. If you haven’t already, check out this amazing group of ladies!

I love my friends and am fortunate to have the best friends a girl could wish for, they are my family I chose for myself. I love music and play piano (well) and guitar (poorly). I love art and design. I love reading and am constantly searching for new reads. I love movies and concerts and when I get the chance, plays. I am obsessed with good coffee, beautiful clothes, gorgeous shoes and fun jewellery.

Born 1987, I have lived in a number of cities in South Africa before settling in Pietermaritzburg (PMB) in 1995 with my family. I was schooled at The Wykeham Collegiate and completed a BBA degree in Marketing and Psychology through UNISA. I had the privilege to grow up in an entrepreneurial home where my mum ran her own marketing consultancy, Integrated Marketing Strategies. What free time I had after school and in holidays was spent working in the business and I am now a full time consultant and co-member. Marketing has always been a passion as is psychology. The two disciplines complement each other and I regularly use my psychology principles in the workplace.