What a wonderful perspective Suzie shares in her latest book, to walk as the thirteenth disciple with Jesus! I picked this one up because I loved the Mended Heart and once again, I was changed by the journey.
Suzie outlines the hard issues and then digs in deep. She’s real and her honesty shines light into my life. Some of my favourite challenges include: 

Do I reflect on what might bring God joy? Do I seek to understand the deep longings of my Heavenly Father? Do I ask him how I can connect with those longings?

My word of the year is joy and this changed how I see my actions and my choices, what a filter to see the world through. 

I love her prayers too, short and simple but powerful and expectant 

Jesus, I offer you my tiny seed of faith. Use this not enough in great measure. Help me to believe big in you.

And the one I can really relate to at the moment, it felt like she read my mind this week is about fear. 

Sometimes our greatest fear is that our faith will be shipwrecked in the midst of sickness or financial battles or when loves ones are thrust into chaos

She reassures us in response to that with Luke 8:15 saying:

He’s in you. You are good soil. He rebuked the winds and storms for you, but his assurance is that there’s something on the other side of the storm. Renewed faith. Hope. Strength gained from grabbing his hand in the storm

For me, that summed up the book, the disciples learnt in every situation, good, bad and confusing to grab the hand of Jesus and Suzie walks us through how.

I loved this book and highly recommend it! 

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