Kel’s Review:

“Murder At The Tea Rooms” by Rosie Hunt is the third book in the Lady Felicity Quick Mystery series. Instead of being able to pursue her news reporting career, Felicity is sent by her grandmother to find out who is behind a number of acts of sabotage in a tea room. With a plethora of suspects, Felicity is just trying to understand the possible motives when a body is found in the middle of the tea room!

Working through the clues, interviewing villagers and following the trial, Felicity works to find out who is behind it all as quickly as possible!

It is a light, easy-to-read cosy and a continuation of an interesting series! Its a four out of five on the enJOYment scale and highly recommended.

Ka’s Review:

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this cosy murder mystery set in England in the 1920s. The protagonist, Lady Felicity  Quick, tackles the challenges of being in the family business (the newspaper business), being taken seriously as a reporter and still humouring her family’s expectations of her. She is dispatched by her grandmother to help a friend, and former servant, of hers who is enduring sabotage in her Tea Room.

The mystery soon escalates to murder and the mix of motives and village politics challenges Felicity to work out what is really going on! It is cleverly thought through and is both intriguing and entertaining. 

We received complimentary copies of the book from Rosie Hunt. The opinions expressed in this review are completely our own.

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From the back cover:

England, 1921. On the eve of her first official assignment working with the reporter she admires most, journalist Lady Felicity Quick is more than slightly vexed when her grandmother requests a favour she cannot refuse.

Acts of petty sabotage are undermining the success of tea rooms run by a cherished friend of Felicity’s grandmother. But on arriving in the village to play the detective, Felicity finds more than spilt food dye and collapsed sponges.

Murder has occurred, and her grandmother’s friend is the prime suspect.

Can Felicity use her sleuthing skills to unmask the real killer and still make it in time for her special assignment? Or will Felicity’s battle to outwit a deadly foe destroy not only the tea rooms’ future — but also her own?

If you love puzzling period mysteries sprinkled with humour and set in the charming English countryside, then you will love this cozy series! For fans of Agatha Christie, Ann Sutton, and Helena Dixon. Get your copy today!

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