With anticipation, and my bible in my lap, I tucked into I Am Loved, the latest book from Wendy Blight. If you have read Wendy before, you know you can’t start without the Word close to hand! From page one, I just loved this book! I found myself happily exploring the text and the Bible for hours. In the time I set aside each day, I discovered found new ways to live out John’s gospel and now have a new perspective on old truths that has changed the way in which I act. One example that really resonated: “How are you sharing the riches of Christ with those around you? Choose one person to encourage this week. Share his or her response; how it make you feel, and how God used it in your life and/or theirs.”

This book is an intense bible study, beautifully and carefully led, with tough topics and several moments of truth suited to those who are looking to dig deeper. It is a reassurance and a call to action in the hard times. It is for those ready to really interrogate scripture and wrestle with tough elements of love and hold hands with a writer who paints hope and casts light through her insights.

John’s life and testimony is at the centre of the inspiration supported by Wendy’s testimony and both give such honest accounts one can only be encouraged. It’s a feast of information, nuances in the text, references and cultural context. I am amazed at the amount I learned about a topic I thought I knew! It changed my prayers, my bible study time and the way I viewed and interacted with the world. Bite-sized tasks break down huge discussions into changes that are manageable.

This book arrived as a balm to my weary soul. Battle-scarred from a bumpy year, Wendy reminded me whose I am, the promise and gift that that is and then why I strive to live it out each day. By tackling the hard parts of love, the intricacies of it and the biblical truths underlying it, she brings hope. Hope that in the world of chaos and pain my truth north stands strong. The book feels so needed and relevant to face real life in a way that glorifies God daily. The weaving of John’s multiple books together to build a life walked in truth shifted my biblical understanding. I loved every minute of it and highly recommend it, 5 out of 5.

Favourite quotes include:

“John’s words also stand the test of time. He unabashedly proclaims truths…always. But he proclaims it in love and with love…always. Our world needs this balance today because love spoken without truth is hollow and empty. It carries no weight. Truth spoken without love is legalism and rules. It leads to condemnation.”

“John knew the more closely knit their community, the less likely they would fall victim to the Gnostics’ lies and deception. The more familiar they were with the truths of Scripture, the stronger their ability to stand against the false teachings and combat the doubt that accompany them.”

“He was not concerned with their salvation. John was concerned with their daily walk with Jesus.”

“It’s our refusal to agree with God about our sin that interrupts our fellowship with Him.”

“Abiding hinders sin’s ability to have dominion over us because it pacified the rebellious spirit and promotes a submissive spirit.”

“As God perfects His love in us, that love casts out fear.”

“Prayer is the key that unlocks God’s heavenly storehouse filled to overflowing with heavenly treasures and resources.”

“God’s beautiful design for His beloved. She is a woman who lives in the Light; knows, loves and obeys her Father’s Word; lives fully loved by God; loves others as she is loved; knows and boldly speaks truth.”

“We have the mind of Christ. We have the heart of Christ. We have the will of Christ.”

From the back cover:

Wendy Blight wrote this in-depth study of the book of 1 John for every woman who craves to truly understand, walk confidently in, and live out God’s unconditional, extravagant, lavish love because His love truly changes everything!

This study will help you to:

• Develop a more intimate understanding of God’s love

• Transform your attitude and actions into reflections of God

• Identify and discern God’s truth from false teaching

• Confront barriers keeping you from experiencing God’s complete love

• Boldly and confidently walk as a woman loved

Includes biblical and historical background insights, practical application, group discussion questions, and a memory verse for each chapter. This study may be completed individually or with a small group.

This study can also be used with the five-session video to develop a more intimate understanding of God’s love that will transform her attitude and actions into reflections of Him.

Designed for use with the I Am Loved Video Study (sold separately).

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  1. An inspiring review . . Its my very next Study Guide of God`s Word . .

    Thank you for taking your passion to a new level Wendy ..

    Live Loved ,

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