Success in Succulents focuses on the more technical aspects of succulent growth and care. Rich in history, each family of succulents is explained in terms of origin, ease of growth and purpose. Indoor and outdoor care to obtain the best from one’s succulents is expressed in easy-to-follow steps covering soil, placement, food and design. I found it highly informative but definitely a reference book! I read it twice to review to be sure I hadn’t misinterpreted it but the wealth of knowledge shared is too extensive to commit to memory and I can tell I’ll need to look at it again as I progress. I have two succulent beds in my garden and an array of small potted ones which have been grown from offcuts so the propagation and identification sections were very helpful. The 100 kinds of succulents at the end just made me long to expand my collection! They are a fascinating and fabulous species of plant. The visuals throughout are gorgeous! I give it a 4 out of 5 on the en-JOY-meant scale and encourage anyone looking to come to understand their succulents better or to create a succulent collection to pick it up and enjoy!

From the back cover

Cactuses and other succulents are wildly popular in homes the world over, regardless of climate. They’re resilient, beautiful, and easy to care for as long as you know what you’re doing. Whether you live in a warm, dry climate and want to grow a whole cactus garden outdoors or you’d like to add one of these alluring species to your indoor windowsill, this book has what you need to pick the perfect plants for you and make them thrive.

Success with Succulents is filled with both well-known and unusual species of cactuses and succulents, as well as tips and techniques for caring for these water-sipping species indoors and out. From color combinations, sizes and shapes, and placement to ideal soil selection, container growing, watering, fertilizing, grooming, and propagation, learn everything you need to know about growing succulents. The book also includes more than 100 plant profiles, with details that will help you succeed in gardening prickly and waxy varieties of all kinds.

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