Robin Stockwell’s passion for succulents drives this book, it energises the facts and highlights the beauty of these amazing plants. I have only recently taken to gardening, it has turned out to be a fun and relaxing hobby. My mum and I conceptualise changes to our already gorgeous space, it is quite the creative release. The garden we live in now has only been ours for eight months but we inherited a solid framework. The only missing element was succulents. Upon picking up this book, I hoped to be inspired, educated and entertained, on all three elements it exceeded my expectations. I gleefully shared sections with my mum and have put into practice a couple of items already with plans to implement several more in the future.

“…by nature, succulents are perhaps the most efficiently designed of all plants for easy propagation. They not only reproduce by seed but, in many species, can multiply spontaneously by fallen leaves, branches or shoots.” says Robin. And so true this is! We have started a propagation area in our garden and have been blessed with growth already, so rewarding! This is part of the spot in our garden: 
The contents page illustrates how diverse a journey one goes on with this book: inspirations, easy projects, favourite plants and a selection guide. The images throughout are stunning, below are a few of my favourite. South Africa is spoken of regularly, I do so love to hear good things about home! These quotes below are a highlights reel of the advice and humour that runs throughout.

“Some growers recommend succulents that they say can be walked on. In my experience, all succulents turn to mush when stepped on. The damaged plants may eventual grow back, but they’ll look unattractive for a long time. When trampled, I can just hear those poor plants screaming “OW!””

“Water-wise shrubs, perennials, and grasses make the best companions for succulents in mixed borders.”

“I was once so inspired by a book called Maya Color that I painted several walls at my nursery in bold colours. Vivid colours really do bring out qualities of the plants you display in front of them.”

“The beauty of succulents for [wedding] bouquets is that they never die…The plants will live on as reminders of this special occasion.”

“Plant echeverias around your garden and watch the hummingbird population grow. Hummers love the nectar these blooms produce.”

I highly recommend this wonderful book, a 5 out of 5 on the en-JOY-ment scale!

From the back cover:

Inspiring, practical and richly photographed, this comprehensive guide offers creative ideas and DIY projects using beautiful low-maintenance, water-wise plants

Succulents are the ultimate easy-care plant: versatile, effortless to grow both indoors and outdoors, and drought tolerant. From Aloe and Agaves, to Senecio and Taciveria, this handbook by leading garden expert Robin Stockwell highlights 200 of the easiest, most useful, and gorgeous plants, and shares advice on care and cultivation. Readers will find inspiration for imaginative and exciting new ways to use succulents in striking garden designs, containers, vertical walls, and indoor arrangements, as well as step-by-step projects, such as living bouquets and terrarium ornaments.

This is the essential reference for landscapers, home gardeners, and anyone looking for a thorough introduction to the perfect plant for modern times.

Thank you to Netgalley and Time Inc. for this advance copy.

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  1. Beautiful book – inspiring and the review is a lovely summary of the content. It may be ones of those I track down as a hard copy.

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