Book Review: Just A Kiss by Denise Hunter

Reconnecting with this family and town is such a treat! The Callahans are in fine form and taking on new challenges! From the first, I wondered what the ramifications would be of Riley’s decision to enlist. Denise has handled the resolution of this story line so elegantly and truthfully. In taking this journey with Riley through recovery I could relate to his struggle for independence. My CRPS requires me to rely on the support of others and striking the balance is tricky at best. Paige is honest and stubborn, and man, can I see myself in that too! Her determination to succeed is a good reminder of just how important it is to check in with God before embarking, wholeheartedly, in one direction. I love how Denise weaves life truths and God wisdom into the story so that they take on practical applications for me. It is a delightful book and highly recommended.

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