Four months have passed since I stopped feeling extremes symptoms of withdrawal of Oxynorm. The less extreme but more psychologically based symptoms took until January to lift when I was cleared of depression by my psychologist and back to feeling my normal self. Whilst being a harrowing experience, it also has changed my life in really positive ways. I found an awesome online bible study group to join, Proverbs 31, and have loved every minute of their programme. I have learnt so much about the power of prayer, guided by Max Lucado’s Before Amen. I have enjoyed Christian fiction and Christian music. I disconnected from all the negative feeds that I during my withdrawal I couldn’t cope with and you know what? I don’t want them back! I have a worked up to a more normal schedule after the months of sick leave but now have hours cut into it that allow me to do more of the important things. My relationship with my mum has grown even more and my friends have shown me just how amazing they are! I received a lesson in appreciating the sanity of my mind, my faith, my friends and the joy of just being happy: hugging my horse, my dog, my cat, breathing in the fresh air, working on an absorbing project and just living! Man, am I blessed with the Good life!

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