In the past month or so I have been well enough to enjoy my work! Not that I don’t always love what I do, but when I’m tired, sore or sick it drains me. When I’m well, however, I beetle through the work with glee ticking off things on my to do list and interacting in meetings.

The change in attitude is so big, having done the Brene Brown course on the gifts of imperfection, I wrote myself a permission slip saying “when I’m not bouncing into work, I need to rest and recover, NOT push though”. It is such a challenge for a personality driven for achievement and completion but after years of pushing through I’m finally learning that resting for a little bit when the symptoms arrive means I’m back on my feet so much quicker than when I push through.

I look around me too and wonder how much healthy people appreciate their ability to just arrive and enjoy each project – I hope no one takes the joy of a job they love for granted. “Love what you do and do what you love!

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