I have had a few days of flaring pain combined with flu which makes the CRPS worse. Confined to bed, I had plenty of time to ponder what makes fighting through the pain worth it… my beautiful black cat, Benji, hasn’t left my side purring to comfort me… my mom has run around me bring me coffee, meds, hot water bottles and soothing hugs… my wonderful friends have checked in on me, offered to bring me tv series and sent me their news – one of my best friends just had her second child! ? And finally the dream of the things I will do when this wave of discomfort has passed: cuddle and ride my horse, soak in the sun, get back to work (yes, I really miss my work). All these things bring me joy and remembering that joy is what makes facing the pain worth it. God has given me all the blessings I need.

Sometimes, when the pain and discomfort is intense, seconds feel like minutes, minutes like hours and the dreams feel all too far out of reach. It then one has to remember, this too will pass and all the little joys will keep one going …sometimes it just cuddling the cat that gets me through. >

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  1. Such a special lady, an inspiration in the way she deals with such pain, I too dream of our time with DaBoodioos and having fun, so as to keep the balance… soon, my angel, soon

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