Working with CRPS is a tussle between my goals and deadlines and what my body will allow me to accomplish each day. Every morning I assess myself and discuss with my business partner, who fortunately is my mum, what I can get done and we reprioritise the day or week’s activities.

Recently, as social media has come to the fore, I have engaged with it and created campaigns for our brands on it with success and it has led to others in my community asking for help with their social media. They want to be able to do it for themselves, unlike the traditional Integrated Marketing Strategies client, and so are looking for training. CRPS doesn’t take kindly to dates and times and the idea of 20 people relying on me for several hours is stressful! Thank goodness for technology, the online learning platforms appear to be the best of both! Udemy, Skillshare and the like allow those with the desire to teach to reach out to those with the problems without leaving home!

So, I began a two month journey of learning how to lead an online class, how to film it, edit and resource it. WOW! Firstly, I have a new level of respect for teachers – they are amazing people! Secondly, it was a lot harder than I anticipated but also a lot more fun. Thirdly, I cannot tell you the sense of accomplishment I have now that my course is online. The best part was I could fit this around my good and bad days, no pressure and it will be a passive stream of income! If you are someone with a limitation like CRPS but have knowledge to share, I encourage you to do it! Let the world see the uniquely beautiful you!

Interested in seeing the course?

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