This book has a message worth hearing whether you are stressed out and need to calm down or as a reminder to remain living a calm life.

Max Lucado keeps a sense of humor alongside the wisdom, I love his anecdotes which make the truths easier to remember and the overall tone is one of hope. I love the way each line of the key verse is broken into practical, tangible ways to live it out and counter anxiety. The acronym C.A.L.M. sums it up beautifully.

I am inspired by the premise of the book, those verses were written by Paul at such a difficult time and yet he lives in joy, I can say “yes, I want that too” and feel motivated to change to make that happen. Intellectually I am frightened by the statistics and research highlighting the silent epidemic that is anxiety and the horrible effects of a life lived anxious. Max paints a vivid picture of why, logically, we need this change. Practically, I have things to do at the end of each chapter and they really make a difference. The lines I loved say it best:

“You can’t run the world but you can entrust it to God.”

“Paul gave his guilt to Jesus. Period. He didn’t numb it, hide it, deny it, offset it or punish it. He simply surrendered it to Jesus”

“We choose prayer over despair. Peace happens when people pray”

“The good life begins, not when circumstance change, but when our attitude toward them does.”

Another life-changing book from Max Lucado whose biblical insights bring new dimensions to familiar verses along with practical applications all held together with honesty and personal testimony. This message is so timely and will bring hope and light to so many hearts, including mine.

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