Book six in the Lady Felicity Quick Mystery series begins with our leading lady on assignment at a boarding school. Hunting for a spy from the Great War, Lady Felicity thinks she’s worked out who it is when someone dies and suddenly nothing is quite what it seems. Supported by a wonderful cast of characters, Felicity explores all the options and develops her relationship with fellow reporter Alex.

This is a well-written and interesting cosy murder mystery with lovely twists. If you enjoy this genre, don’t miss out on this great addition to it! It is a five out of five on the enJOYment scale.

I received a complimentary copy of the book from Rosie Hunt. The opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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From the back cover:

England, 1922. At a sprawling Devonshire estate, surrounded by wealthy girls targeting excellent marriages, Lady Felicity Quick has abandoned her exciting, hard-won career in journalism to teach letter-writing and table manners at an exclusive finishing school…

Except nothing is as it seems.

Answering an irresistible plea for help, Felicity is undercover, hunting a Great War spy who betrayed the British and cost countless lives. Between lessons in dance, French, and flower arranging, Felicity edges closer to unmasking her foe, but then chaos erupts: a body is found. Are more sinister schemes afoot than first thought?

With the students’ futures under threat and a promise made to loved ones to fulfil, Felicity is determined to uncover the truth — even if dodging deadly perils was never part of her lesson plan.

Delve into the secrets of Liverton Ladies’ Academy in this gripping 1920s English mystery!

Full of twists, humour, and unique characters, Murder at a Boarding School is perfect for readers who love the bold lady sleuths of Verity Bright and Magda Alexander and the cosy British settings of Helena Dixon and classic Agatha Christie.

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