Thinking in Icons by Felix Sockwell is a fantastic reference book about the thinking behind and development of icons. Icons are a growing phenomena in marketing and creating the right kind of icon is a challenge. Felix’s definitions around what the purpose is for each genre of icon is a great guide and has changed my thinking and the way I brief in icon designs and evaluate them too. There are pages of iterations and thought process but I found the perspectives and examples helpful and interesting. It’s a four out of five for me and highly recommended!

Favourite lines include:

“Style and context need to work toward the application in order for an icon to effectively deliver it’s message”

“Interactive icons should be so simple they are invisible to users”

From the back cover:

From the most refined corporate visual systems to the ubiquitous emoji, icons have become an international language of symbols as well as a way to make a wholly unique statement. In Thinking in Icons, artist and designer Felix Sockwell takes readers through the process of creating an icon, covering many styles and visual approaches. Sockwell also offers examples of his collaborations with Stefan Sagmeister, Debbie Millman, and other high-profile designers, and features the work he has done with an impressive roster of blue-chip international brands, including Apple, Facebook, Google, Hasbro, Sony, The New York Times, and Yahoo

With thanks to NetGalley and Quarto Publishing Group – Rockport Publishing

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