An interesting premise underlies this book, Heather Holleman develops the concepts of a thought-room, a place to draw oneself into to clarify our reactions, feelings and hear God’s guidance. Whilst agreeing in principle with the major theme, God’s guarding of us, described here in her own words, “A person God guards lives with confidence, peace, hope, strength and as crucified with Christ.”, I found the journey meandering and repetitive in places. A fan of Sherlock, I love the concept of a mind-palace built on God’s truth but the building of that palace by Holleman I found confusing. She describes the reader at the centre and then on the exterior catapulting things in, both are to be viewed positively, yet, catapulting my castle didn’t seem the thing! The promise highlighted here is certainly an ideal “I could come and go from any situation, no matter how emotionally distressed, and stay in God’s fortress. Here, I was safe, untouched and unmoved.”. I aim for that joyful place that allows this and this book is full of great scripture and truths to help achieve that. If you overlook the inconsistencies and forgive the repetition of concepts, it’s a 3 out of 5 on the en-JOY-meant scale, it has wisdom to be gleaned from it!

Favourite quotes:

“We can find, through Jesus, maturity and stability, drawing joy from a continual source of intimacy with Him.”

“Whatever you prefer to call this place in your soul, you are building an unshakable building forged form a rich inferiority of knowing God’s word.”

From the back cover

Heather Holleman used to live a fragile life, a prisoner to fear, anxiety, and despair. Like many younger women, she knew Jesus, but she wasn’t strong in Him. Her search for comfort seemed unending.

Then one day, while reading a simple statement in Scripture, “God guards the lives of his faithful ones” (Psalm 97:10), that all began to change.

In Guarded by Christ: Knowing the God Who Rescues and Keeps Us, Heather guides women through a series of practical mental shifts that immensely helped her live strong in the Lord. Learn how in Jesus, you are guarded:

By righteousness instead of condemnation. By  peace instead of anxiety. By hope instead of despair. By the Holy Spirit’s power instead of self-effort. By a crucified life instead of a self-important one. We all need maturity in Christ that prepares us not just to endure anything, but to live from the strength and peace of Jesus in every season. Guarded by Christ will help women cultivate this maturity, reconnecting them with the Savior who rescues, keeps, and holds us with His love.

With thanks to Moody Publishers and NetGalley for the advance copy.

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