My journey with Proverbs 31 Ministries began 3 years ago, in the midst of my depression, I sought a Christian haven and community of support. Before Amen by Max Lucado was my first study and I was blown away by the insight, wisdom, friendship and encouragement I gained. I became a fast fan, purchasing the Teaching Series, signing up for Small Group and, by my second study, offering my services as a volunteer. With several studies behind me, I haven’t missed one since, I wholeheartedly recommend becoming part of this awesome community. The promise of Real Hope for Real Life lives at the core of P31 OBS and they never fail to deliver! Your life can be crazy! Your Bible Study doesn’t have to be! is our OBSer anthem!

This study coming up is one I’m really looking forward to, we are picking up Listen Love Repeat by Karen Ehman. I was fortunate to be on the launch team for this book, see my review here: . As I reviewed what I highlighted and why I recommended it friends, it clarified into a search for my “one-line eulogy”, and Karen’s answer that our purpose here on earth is as God’s vessel of love. Finding my purpose is why this book resonated for me. Scattering kindness is essential in the expression of Jesus within me and how my relationship with him changes my actions daily. It elevated my expectations of myself and challenged me.

Why do this with P31 OBS? These ladies break down the book into manageable, actionable portions. They encourage you to dig into the Bible and equip you with Bible study skills to expand your understanding. I have also found, through these studies, an improvement in my prayer life and a deeper connection to God. The community created is a wonderful pace to connect to women who are in a relationship with God.

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