I loved this book!! Keep It Shut by Karen Ehman is a fantastic book and Zip It turns it into a daily practice full of new ways to live out and connect with this important subject. Karen brings her humour and down-to-earth perspective to each day, making each lesson memorable. I highly recommended this book!

My favourite lines:

“When our thoughts are in alignment with God’s word, our speech has a better chance at being uplighting, wholesome, and godly.”

“Keep a clean “word-robe.” Jesus hears those unspoken words of the heart.”

Because Zip It contains 40 days of devotions……and Lent is coming…….Karen will be leading a community on Facebook, a page called entitled “Doing Lent Together” where we won’t be giving up chips or chocolate, but instead giving up using our words wrongly! Interested in joining her? Sign up here.

Zip It is a 40-day walk through the Bible and what it says about how we are—and are not—to use our words! Keep It Shut covered many topics, including anger, truth-telling, people-pleasing, our digital tongues online, and gossip. Because there are countless verses in the Bible that relate to our words and our silence, Keep It Shut only scratched the surface of these issues. Karen’s new book Zip It! now takes a deeper look and offers practical how-to’s that will inspire you to use your words to build, not to break; to bless, not to badger; to encourage, not to embitter; to praise, not to pounce.


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