Four books for the fourth month! 

This month’s reading has been as diverse as my life! Each book contributed it’s bit and I’m fond of them all! 

The Names of God by Wendy Blight is one I wrapped up this month and feel I should start at the beginning again so rich was the teaching and so in-depth! It has really added new dimensions to God’s character for me and I highly recommend it! 

Styx and Stones by Carola Dunn is number 7 in a British murder mystery series set in the 1920s and aside from being a fabulous time period, it’s one of those you can try out think the protagonist to s e the mystery first – great for when your mind won’t quiet but you don’t want to work! (I may have enjoyed no. 8 of this series as well!)

You’re the one that I want by Susan May Warren brings the awesome Christiansen family series to an end with the resolution of the prodigal son’s story. Despite wrapping many loose ends, the story stands on its own being interesting and enjoyable! I look forward to escaping into the next world Warren creates.

And finally, a new author for me and mid-series no less, Like Never Before by Melissa Tagg, a fantastic romance novel with such rich biblical teachings! I loved every page of this fast paced story! With credible characters and real issues to face, it was both wise and enjoyable! I look forward to the next one!

I’m in the midst of Nicki Koziarz debut book 5 habits of the woman who doesn’t quit, GREAT book! In habit 3 and really starting to have my perspective shifted! 

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