Inviting others to walk the path with you

We have spent several years pondering moving house. Partly we want to downsize and partly we want to move to an area nearer our horses but mostly we want to get me a spot where my CRPS is calm. We have looked all over the midlands at so many houses and what started as a project of mom and me has now expanded to about 20 people. 20 friends who look at links online, who read over contracts, who share thoughts on values, location, structure…you name it, we have a friend with that expertise. Finally, this past week, we found want we hope it our spot, our house is now on the market for the first time, and as I sent out the messages, emails and made the phone calls to those 20, I said a prayer of gratitude to God for sending each one to walk alongside us, encouraging us and supporting us through the disappointments and celebrating the successes. I am so confident and excited about the whole thing because it wasn’t just two but many who have thought this through. We are so designed to sharpen each other and build each other, sharing what we know and enjoying each other along the way!  


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