Baking Delights

Baking Delights, in Hilton, is home to a team of bakers focusing on sweet and healthy treats and is born from our owner’s, Kels, passion for baking. Using only the best ingredients, everything prepared by Baking Delights is fresh and tasty. We understand baking is a science, it takes practice and knowledge and we aim to get the balance just right so its never TOO much of anything but it’s always DELICIOUS. If you have specific dietary requirements or are looking for something different, we’d love to chat to you and see just how we can help. Experimentation is part of the fun so we regularly try out new recipes! We love meeting our customers and so have recently opened a small coffee shop. Come along and choose your favourite treat, and enjoy it with a lovely cup of tea or coffee. Children and fur children are welcome, so we have special baked treats for them as well as areas that they will enjoy and ensure you get to chill! Pop into our bakery and pick up treats or email your order through to us. For orders over 5, we do need 24 hours notice and a deposit.