Emotive. Healing. A keeper. Describing K.J. Ramsey’s latest book, “The Book of Common Courage” isn’t easy, it’s immense in its scope! K.J. sums it up as “These words are my small witness to your life, my with-ness to your weariness, and my welcome back to the home of your heart. Within these pages, you will find prayers, poems, and some blessings to bridge the space between your pain and God’s promises.” What she describes as her small witness felt like a big, warm, soothing hug, a space to be revisited when needed which in this broken and hard time is frequently.

No part of pain is overlooked, unseen, or diminished. K.J. gives voice and form to the hard, the intangible and I found myself saying “yes”, and “oh, wow, you feel that too” often. But she imbues too such hope, such resilience, and directs the reader to ways of upliftment and comfort.

It is poetic, it is visual, and it is a Bible reflection. It’s honest. It’s brutal. It’s an outpouring from a soul that has walked through hardship and found hope, that is deeply compassionate and for one who I am incredibly grateful

If you love the book of Psalms, if you enjoy the Book of Common Prayer, if art and music are a space of comfort, read “The Book of Common Courage”. I read the e-book (beautiful) but will be buying the hard copy for my shelf. It’s a five out of five on the enJOYment scale.

I received a complimentary copy of the book from Thomas Nelson and Zondervan Gift through NetGalley. Opinions expressed in these reviews are completely my own.

From the back cover:

The Book of Common Courage is a collection of prayers, poems, and blessings to help you find a flicker of strength in the small and hard moments of life. Beloved author and therapist K. J. Ramsey invites you to journey word-by-word through Psalm 23 to experience how the Good Shepherd is with you and for you, especially in the valleys of life. When you struggle to find the words to hold your pain or trauma, be encouraged to cultivate the compassion and courage to believe that your story will, in fact, end in joy.

Through K. J.’s lyrical and emotive writing, you are invited to:

  • Surrender your anxiety and your tears to a faithful God
  • Validate your emotions and embrace them as the gift they are
  • Slow down and remember that good will come again
  • Replenish your soul with the life of Christ and the promises of God
  • Refresh your faith with a peace that lasts
  • Experience newfound confidence in prayer
  • Remember that even when pain is not past-tense, God is still present

Courage is a common hope that we can cultivate together. These prayers and poems can be read in group settings–among friends, families, and worshipping communities–and are also ideal for personal reflection.

Inside, you will find:

  • Colorful still life and nature photography
  • Prayers, poems, and blessings
  • A ribbon marker

This is a gorgeous gift to give for Easter, Christmas, birthdays, during a time of loss, during a life transition, or when looking for a new church community.

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