Kel’s Review:

“A Most Efficient Murder” was my introduction to Anthony Slayton. The book blurb sounded like just my favourite type of thing, cosy, historical murder mystery, and it was! I can’t wait for next in the series, I’m hooked!

The characters are multifaceted and interesting, the mystery curious and complex, and the writing pacy! Mr Quayle is unintentionally charming as our leading man and I am keen to see what he gets up to next! His dry wit and quick intelligence makes the story all the better!

If you love murder mysteries, don’t miss out on this one! It’s highly recommended and a five out of five on the enJOYment scale!

Ka’s Review:

I just loved that it was action from the start of this murder mystery, and I was engaged in the storyline, right until the end.

The key characters have depth and I found Mr Quayle an intriguing lead in the story. He’s the secretary to Lord Unsworth (a highly private, almost reclusive character), but not what you’d expect at all. His background you see gives him an unexpected edge in helping to identify the murderer. There are many twists and turns. Some expected, others less so. There are so many lies, so much deceit and yet there is also loyalty and caring as well.

It’s FIVE stars from me, as I look forward to reading the next in this historical mystery series. I hope I don’t have to wait too long.

We received complimentary copies of the book from Victory Editing NetGalley Co-op through NetGalley. Opinions expressed in these reviews are completely our own. 

From the back cover:

“I do not wish to disturb you, your grace, but there is a body in the garden…”

England, 1929. When a strange young woman is found murdered on the grounds of Unsworth Castle, the Duke and his family are astounded at first, but quickly become enraged when the police begin asking all sorts of impertinent questions. 

And when suspicions dare to fall on one of their own, it is up to Mr. Quayle, Lord Unsworth’s exceedingly efficient secretary, to find the true culprit.

But Mr. Quayle soon learns that the House of Unsworth is not quite as innocent as it seems, and with the family closing ranks around him, Mr. Quayle must sift through a web of red-herrings and lies before the murderer can strike again…

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