On the recommendation of my mum, I picked up “Murder at Elm House” by Helena Dixon and what a delight! This is book six of the Miss Underhay series but I connected immediately with the characters and the story. Whilst I look forward to reading the previous novels, it isn’t necessary to enjoy this adventure. With witty banter and a fast-paced mystery, I eagerly followed Kitty as she tries to determine if her grandmother’s friend is just being paranoid or if there is a more sinister plot afoot at the local carehome.

In addition, Kitty and her boyfriend, Matt, are still trying to catch the murderer from the mystery which began Kitty’s foray into investigation in the first place. Soon Kitty is being pursued by someone with lethal intent and she’s unclear which case is the reason for the attention.

I loved it from the first page to the last. If you enjoy a cosy mystery set in 1930s England, this one is definitely for you! Highly recommended and 5 out of 5 on the enJOYment scale…thanks Mum!

I received a complimentary copy of the book from Bookouture through NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

From the back cover:

Kitty Underhay feels the touch… of death.

1934. Accidental amateur sleuth Kitty Underhay is being escorted by ex-army captain Matthew Bryant on an errand of mercy, as she takes a basket of grapes to her nemesis Mrs Craven, who is recuperating from a recent operation. But their arrival at Elm House Nursing Home coincides with the mysterious death of Lady Wellings, a long-term resident.

The woman was known to be ill, so when the police turn a disinterested ear to Mrs Craven’s suspicion that Lady Wellings was poisoned, Kitty decides to look into the case herself. And when another invalid, the gentle Mrs Pearson, collapses fatally in the breakfast room, it seems her suspicions are well-founded. For an institution promising health and rejuvenation, there seems to be a very low survival rate amongst the guests!

When the nurse Eloise Hibbert hints at sinister goings on among the staff, Kitty arranges to meet her away from the home to uncover how deep the treachery lies. However, before she can make the rendezvous, Eloise meets an unfortunate end falling from the top of the building. Was she pushed by the hand of fate, or a cold-blooded killer?

Meanwhile, Matt has been following an entirely different trail of evidence, and what he finds out chills him to the bone. When Kitty fails to return from her unsuccessful meeting, it is clear she has stumbled onto a plot far more devious than they could have imagined, and into a trap laid by an unscrupulous killer…

An utterly sensational and addictive Golden Age murder mystery. Perfect for fans of Agatha Christie, T.E. Kinsey and Lee Strauss.

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