Once again a story with many threads and a “Hercule Poiret” style ending. I have read a number of murder mystery authors and while one understands that there has to be some kind of formula, (ie a number of characters with possible motivation), there are times when the author weaves it all together to keep you interested but you are still left wondering.

This is just such an occasion. I really enjoyed the delving into the psychological aspects, it added another aspect to the story. There are controlling characters and then those who are influenced!

I appreciated the investigative character Jasper, (having met him in “Honeymoon with Death”) even more in this novel.

From the back cover:

Former Scotland Yard investigator Jasper is back on the case, this time in the glamorous and cultured city of Vienna. 
The opening of an archaeological exhibition brings with it intrigue and evil as a fabled cursed golden death mask lives up to its dark past and death strikes at the exhibition. While digging up pieces of history, these archaeologists have also been burying secrets – deadly ones – and it’s up to Jasper to uncover the truth before the murderer strikes again. 

With a nosy journalist desperate to breathe life into the rumour that the mask brings bad luck to anyone possessing it, and the police eager to blame a famous cat burglar who recently pulled off a string of daring robberies, Jasper is on his own in bringing the true culprit to light. 

With thanks to #NetGalley, Canelo and the author for my free advanced reader copy to review in exchange for an honest opinion.

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