There is such wisdom in this chapter of Proverbs. (Proverbs 30). I was completely unaware of Agur or this wisdom until I came across the book on Netgalley.

I discovered that Agur’s prayer is the only prayer in Proverbs. Did you know that? And so little is known about Agur, yet the fact that he is included in the Bible is evidence that what he has to say is important.

In a world where the hunger for more ‘stuff’ is great and is seen as a sign of success, the premise behind the prayer resonated deeply. It’s taken up residence in my mind and comes to the fore when I’m facing challenges.

I want to believe that I am enough. I want to believe that Jesus has a plan for my life. I am encouraged by the message that “modest lives’ can still have an impact. “The author speaks about finding an ally in Agur, a fellow humble traveller on the road of life. Such a lovely notion, that we’re all on a journey. There is room for us to move and to grow.

I just loved The Prayer of Agur, it’s an easy read. I am sure I will go back to it repeatedly.

From the back cover:

“Give me neither poverty nor riches, but give me only my daily bread.”
Proverbs 30:8

This simple, unexpected request from a little-known biblical author named Agur is the only prayer in all of Proverbs, and it offers life-changing potential.

Imagine finding new purpose and contentment in your work, personal ministry, and relationships. Open your heart to Agur’s wit and wisdom, and you can learn to

• escape imbalance
• overcome fear of failure and eliminate envy
• joyfully pursue your passions
• reap the eternal rewards of trusting God
• find your personal sweet spot

In our modern, busy lives, embracing balance leads us away from bad decision-making and the emotional cost of trying to do too much or survive with too little. 

This engaging and practical book faithfully unpacks Agur’s humble prayer. Read it in an evening. Affirm it for a lifetime. Share it with those you love.

With thanks to #Netgalley, the author and Waterbrrok & Multnomah for my advanced reader copy in exchange for an honest review

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