“It was the falcon’s piercing cry that first alerted Selah. She shielded her eyes against the bright, tropical morning sun and followed the broad wingspan of the beautiful bird circling above.”

Opening lines of “Selah” by Lisa T. Bergren

Selah, by Lisa T. Bergren, is the third in the sugar baron’s daughters series and continues where Verity leaves off. Whilst a story in and of itself, I highly recommend reading this series in order to fully appreciate the journey. When I read “Keturah”, it was my favourite. It was usurped by ”Verity” which has now lost to ”Selah”! It is jam-packed with adventure and romance but the historical thread is the oppression of black people in the West Indies. It’s eloquently and movingly handled.

Selah comes into her own in this story exploring what it means to defend and love the slaves and freed slaves around her. She wrestles with God’s purpose for life. Her most recent acquaintance is Methodist preacher Jedediah who challenges her to deepen her relationship with God and expand her advocacy for those around her.

Jedediah finds Selah fascinating and frustrating. Her trust in God and determination to protect those she loves makes him question what is means to trust God wholeheartedly. Together, the two take on the villain in this trilogy, Angus, to protect those in his care. He is one of the best written “bad guys” I’ve read, he gives me chills!

Verity and Ian, Keturah and Gray all contribute to this fabulous story and it’s a joy to be back on the island with these wonderful characters. Whilst the ending is awesome, I am sad to say farewell to them, this series is one I’ll be reading again and again in the future.

I love the way Lisa built in Biblical truths, it’s impactful and has changed my thinking, I highly recommend it, it’s five out of five on the enJOYment scale!

From the back cover:

Selah Banning has come of age on the West Indies island of Nevis, shaped by experiences far beyond the typical upbringing of a young British lady in 1776. She never anticipated that the most tumultuous time of her life might await her in the year ahead.

Jedediah Reed, a young Methodist preacher with a call to serve the slaves of Nevis, has settled at Selah’s family’s plantation, the Double T. As Selah’s heart is drawn to the same people, their shared purpose brings them together–despite her guardians’ concern with a romance that promises little security for the future.

As Jedediah’s faith and Selah’s abolitionist leanings lead to changes on the plantation, the Revolutionary War continues to build in the States. With the threat of starvation and the conflict with island mogul Angus Shubert growing ever stronger, the future of the Double T and its people hangs in the balance.

I received a complimentary copy of the book from Bethany House Publishers through NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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