The phrase Jordan Raynor’s latest book, Master of One, speaks to the importance of working within one’s strengths and doing the work we are designed for. In a culture that consistently calls one to broaden one’s skill set, do more, take on more, it stands in sharp contrast. Based on Biblical truths, Jordan systematically unpacks the concepts, it’s importance and how to find your “one thing”.

The book begins by reviewing God’s perspective on the purpose of work and what He wants for us.

“The path to doing our best work for God’s glory and the good of others is the path of “less but better.”“

From Master of One by Jordan Raynor

I particularly enjoyed how Jordan highlights the way work allows us to shine God’s light and, considering the amount of time we spend at work, how we can love others through doing a great job.

“We live surrounded by darkness in a world that is desperate for something excellent and true. There is perhaps no more influential sphere of life for us to shine the light of Christ than in our chosen work. When we work with excellence, we have the great privilege of being able to glorify God and proclaim his excellencies to the world around us.“

From Master of One by Jordan Raynor

Through his own journey and interviews with others, Jordan unpacks what working for God in a secular role looks like and the powerful transformation it can bring about both for the person working in their calling and for those who interact with them.

“It is through the ministry of excellence that we love our neighbors through our work.“

From Master of One by Jordan Raynor

I’ve known from a young age that working in marketing is my calling. I love it and it allows me to love others through my paid work and through my volunteering, it’s even crept into my hobbies. To know I’m in my sweet spot gives me something to fight for when it’s a tough day and inspiration to keep improving my skills, it gives me hope and vision.

“…it’s important to understand that your one thing might be very specific or quite broad.“

From Master of One by Jordan Raynor

Jordan’s questions challenge me to dip deeper into this calling though, refine it and live it out more. It’s certainly a book you’ll need to chew over and spend time with. I wish each scholar searching for a career could spend time with these questions to find their sweet spot before embarking on tertiary education. Jordan advocates for work experience in several job roles, and whilst I knew I’d be in marketing, waitressing, working in a shop and manning a show stand in the holidays taught me so much including what I didn’t want to do!

“What am I passionate about? What gifts has God given me? Where do I have the best opportunity to glorify God and serve others?”

From Master of One by Jordan Raynor

Experimenting and getting it wrong is essential to learning, and so, Jordan is clear this isn’t a straight-line, once-off process. It’s iterative and takes time and trial. I look forward to exploring this further this year and reflecting back on the book’s message.

“The path to finding and focusing on your one thing is rarely direct. More often than not, it is messy, creative, and fueled by a healthy dose of exploration and experimentation.”

From Master of One by Jordan Raynor

I thoroughly enjoyed the book and highly recommend it. It’s a five out of five on the enJOYment scale!

From the back cover:

What is your one thing? The entrepreneur, thought leader, and best-selling author of Called to Create offers a refreshing invitation: stop trying to do it all so you can thrive in your unique, God-given work.

“A compelling case for embracing our vocational limits and choosing to do our one thing well.”—Emily P. Freeman, Wall Street Journal best-selling author of The Next Right Thing

Imagine how different your life would be if you spent your time doing the very thing that brings you the greatest joy. It’s possible, but most people spend their days making minimal progress on multiple tasks competent at many things but exceptional at none. That’s because for too long we’ve believed the lie that more activity, more jobs, and more responsibility equals greater effectiveness. In short, we are becoming a society of “jacks-and-jills-of-all-trades and masters of none.”

But what if you could shift your focus from too many things to one?

In this thought-provoking book, you’ll discover the exponential power of pursuing a singular craft. Through practical principles, Jordan Raynor provides  straightforward steps for finding and thriving in your calling.He also highlights more than a dozen real-life examples of high-impact individuals who have chosen to focus on and excel in their unique gifting, including:

• Chronicles of Narnia author C. S. Lewis
• Enron whistle-blower Sherron Watkins
• TV legend Mister Rogers
• Dallas Mavericks CEO Cynthia Marshall
• Reality TV star Chip Gaines
• NFL Hall of Fame coach Tony Dungy
• Biblical figures, a teacher, a pilot, a banker, and world-class entrepreneurs

Too many of us are overwhelmed, overcommitted, and overstressed. This book offers a better way—the path to becoming a master of one!

I received a complimentary copy of the book from WaterBrook & Multnomah through NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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