“Any smidgen of hope that her entrance into New York high society would be deemed a rousing success died the moment Miss Poppy Garrison’s tiara became firmly attached to the sleeve of her dance partner.”

Opening line of Diamond in the Rough by Jen Turano

The second in the American Heiresses series, Diamond in the Rough by Jen Turano is a delight from start to finish! As in her previous novels, Jen’s leading lady, Poppy Garrison, is full of surprises, gusto and independence! Set in the 1880s, these characteristics make her remarkable amongst the New York High Society. Reginald Blackburn, our leading man, is a English aristocrat unaccustomed to a woman like Poppy. He relishes the challenged given by her grandmother to teach her the ways of society.

Soon, the two find themselves in the midst of several unusual, and for the reader humourous, situations. The adventure is non-stop and there is full cast of fun characters. Balls, operas, and drives around Central Park set a gorgeous backdrop to this story.

In addition to the light-hearted antics, a deeper, and touching, story of reconciliation and forgiveness unfolds as well as a mystery with a twist! This one has it all and I loved it! It’s highly recommended and it’s five out of five en-JOY-ment.

From the back cover:

To save her family from financial ruin, Miss Poppy Garrison accepts an unusual proposition to participate in the New York social season in exchange for her grandmother settling a family loan that has unexpectedly come due. Ill-equipped to handle the intricacies of mingling within the New York Four Hundred, Poppy becomes embroiled in one hilarious fiasco after another, doomed to suffer a grand societal failure instead of being deemed the diamond of the first water her grandmother longs for her to become. 

Reginald Blackburn, second son of a duke, has been forced to travel to America to help his cousin, Charles Wynn, Earl of Lonsdale, find an American heiress to wed in order to shore up his family estate that is in desperate need of funds. Reginald himself has no interest in finding an heiress to marry, but when Poppy’s grandmother asks him to give etiquette lessons to Poppy, he swiftly discovers he may be in for much more than he bargained for.

I received a complimentary copy of the book from Bethany House. through NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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