When I was diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), I read extensively on the dystrophy which may occur in the affected limb as well as balance and proprioception problems. Around the time of my diagnosis, I became friends with biokineticist Bryce Jackson and he set me off on a journey to understand the power exercise has in both improving my physicality and protecting my mobility. An unexpected gift was the pain relief it brought.

Bryce has been incredibly patient and willing to experiment to find the perfect balance between stretching my abilities and making sure I don’t aggravate my CRPS. I couldn’t have achieved what I have without him! I’m able to ride my horse again, something I wasn’t sure would ever be possible! And he’s helped keep my migraines at bay too!

Over the years, I’ve become curious as to what motivates him to do what he does so today, I’m hosting him on the blog to find out a little more!

What is the favourite part of your job?
“Watching patients improve as they work through the process. This is a journey for each patient, not a destination, so when they start achieving their goals and can see a change, it becomes more fun for them as well.”

What is your favourite kind of patient?
“It’s not about the injury or fitness of the patient but rather their attitude. I enjoy it when patients are cognitively engaged in the exercises and are asking about what they are doing, why they are doing it and where it should be working. This indicates they are thinking about it and not just going through the motions. It isn’t a quick fix so it’s great when patients are committed to the long-term process. There is no average or formula, we work until we see the change and improvement the patient wants.”

At times I want to give up and you encourage me to keep going, what are three reasons you give your patients to keep on going even when it’s tough?

  • Don’t let pain tell you what you can and can’t do. When you find a movement or activity is painful, it is an indicator there is a problem. Instead of avoiding it, reach out and get the help you need to remedy it. Work on the injury until you can resume the activities you enjoy.
  • Just because you’ve lost the ability to do something doesn’t mean we can’t get it back. There is a huge amount we can do to rebuild strength, improve balance and get you back doing what you love. Working out with a friend when you aren’t with your biokineticist can give you the confidence to keep practicing.
  • Make the effort, it’s worth it! It will be an effort, getting to the fitness and health level you want isn’t going to be easy but the reward will be great! Start with the activities you know you enjoy and then when you are fitter and stronger, branch out.

I highly recommend working with a biokineticist (known as a physical therapist in America) not just only if you have CRPS but for any physical injury or if you are looking to improve your fitness as well as rehabilitation after an operation.

Connect with Bryce at brycejacksonsa.wordpress.com or email brycesj@hotmail.com

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