From the opening page, I loved Kate! Her spunkiness, perseverance and appreciation for her family plays out in the way she tackles the challenges of this exceptional journey West . I had little historical knowledge of this time period or the friction between those living in the West of America. This one is entertaining and educational! Thomas is intriguing and complicated, peeling back his layers as the story progresses keeps the reader interested! The smaller characters are well-developed and the story pace is swift! The Cumberland Bride, much like the rest of the Mayflower series, is brutal at times, the lands and times covered are harsh and life is lost en route…including a horse, reader beware! (Somehow I handle human death in fiction much better than I do animal death). That said, I loved it, I have so enjoyed this whole series, it’s brilliantly crafted and beautifully written! I am looking forward to the next one out in December! I highly recommend this one, five out of five!

From the back cover:

In 1794, when Kate Gruener’s father is ready to move the family farther west into the wilderness to farm untouched land, Kate is eager to learn and live out her own story of adventure like he did during the War for Independence. She sets her sights on learning more about their guide, Thomas Bledsoe. Thomas’s job is to get settlers safely across the Kentucky Wilderness Road to their destination while keeping an ear open for news of Shawnee unrest. But naïve Kate’s inquisitive nature could put them both in the middle of a rising tide of conflict. Is there more to Thomas’s Shawnee connections than he is willing to tell? Is there an untapped courage in Kate that can thwart a coming disaster?

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour Publishing through NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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