I’m so excited about Chrystal Evans Hurst’s new book She’s Still There, for my review have a read here! But don’t take my word for it, Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies have chosen it for the next study – how awesome is that?! I have being doing the P31OBS studies for three years now and each time I learn so much, grow closer to God and enjoy the community created.

On the P31OBS blog (for the full blog click here), Melissa Taylor, Director of Online Bible Studies at Proverbs 31 and Kendra Schwarz, OBS Content Manager share their honest opinions on the book:

Melissa commented:

I read this book before it was ever printed and I was captivated from the very start. I don’t know that I’ve read another author who is so honest. Often while reading I was caught off guard.

Chrystal is the real deal, a fierce woman who will speak her mind and open your eyes to the greatness God has for you. She’s brave. She’s courageous. And she shows us that with God, we don’t have to settle in life. It’s never too late to make ours a life we love.

Kendra remarked:

When the author of a book pulls you aside and says, “I heard you didn’t like the first part of my book…” you immediately start sweating. This actually happened to me when I met Chrystal Evans Hurst.

Let me explain. Part 1 of She’s Still There is about how we tend to lose ourselves. Depending on unwanted situations, tough decisions, and propositions, we lose the hopes and dreams we once had. For me, as a 25-year-old, I felt like I hadn’t lost that girl in me… yet. But hold on just a minute! I am so glad I kept reading!

As I continued, I realized that although I might not have lost that girl yet, I need to protect her from ever getting lost. The rest of the book taught me I could develop in ways I never imagined. That God has plans for me that I’ve yet to see and I want to make godly and right choices so that will happen. In the end, this book rocked my world. So much so that I read Part 2 – Part 6 in ONE DAY.

This study really is for EVERY woman! If you haven’t signed up already, I highly recommend you do! The study begins 5 September and you can sign up here today! Through this interactive, six-week study you’ll be equipped to:

  • Recognize the woman you were meant to be as you set out on a journey to find direction, purpose and true satisfaction.
  • Realize how valuable you are, regardless of where you are in life, as you receive the encouragement you need to pursue your passions.
  • Find the hope and answers you’re looking for as you learn how to study God’s Word in a meaningful and personal way.

Hope to see you there!

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