These two new novels hit shelves today and I love them both! One is from a new author for me (I have subsequently read books 1-4 in the Murder series) and an old favourite who always delivers!

Murder on the Moor by Julianna Deering

This novel is as interesting as it’s summary sounds! My first read of this author, I was excited to find the characters have depth and the mystery intrigue! I enjoy solving and puzzling alongside our sleuths and this is one that gives you the full picture, the clues to the unexpected twists are all there to be found. I enjoy the gentle entwining of Christianity in the character of our leads, Drew and Madeline. Beautifully written and well paced, this cozy mystery is a swift and enjoyable read, I couldn’t put it down! Misty moors with unseen beasts, 1930s glam, lords, poachers, old grudges and new love, what more could one want from a book!

Rescue Me by Susan May Warren

Wow!! What a fantastic sequel to the first cracker of a novel, Wild Montana Skies. Susan May Warren never fail to deliver an action-packed, emotional story. Full of exciting plots, well-rounded characters , set in a beautiful small town and with biblical truths woven throughout, this one has it all. I could relate to Sam, and Willow and I love the development of Jess and Pete along with the other characters introduced in the first book. It ends with two cliffhangers, I hope the third book isn’t too far way! A great teaching on power of grace and trust.

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